Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tool Essentials: Makeup Brushes Part 1


I decided to put together a series entitled "Tool Essentials". Parts one and two of this series will focus on makeup brushes. We'll discuss the parts of the brush. What are the names of some of the different brushes? Which ones are good starters? How are they used? How to clean them? What to use to clean them? How often should they be cleaned? Where do you purchase your brushes?

There are three parts to a brush: hair (natural, bristle or synthetic); ferrule (metal piece) and the handle. Sometimes a new brush will be very stiff. Manufacturers will add what's known as "sizing". This process helps the brush maintain its shape until it's used for the first time. To remove the sizing, dampen your fingertips and gently rub the substance off.

Q. Which ones are good starters?

The Basics:
Large or Medium Face Powder, Dome or Angle Blush, Fluff (Blender) Shadow, Medium Shadow, Small Shadow, Oval Shadow, Pointed or Angle Liner, Oval Camouflage, Pointed Camouflage and Lip Brush

Q. How are they used?

Face Powder Brush: Apply loose or pressed powders when setting or touching up makeup.

Dome or Angle Blush Brush: Apply and blend blush to on the cheek bones.

Foundation Brush (optional): If you prefer not to use a sponge or your fingers to apply liquid or cream foundation, this is a great alternative.

Fluff (Blender) Shadow: Blends your eyeshadows together eliminating demarcation. Used properly, you shouldn't be able to tell where one eyeshadow ends and another begins.

Small Shadow: The shorter hairs help control placement of product when an eyeshadow is too powdery.

Medium Shadow: Apply eyeshadow on lid or from lid to crease (just beneath the brow bone).

Oval Shadow: Wide and more round than the Medium Shadow brush.  Apply eyeshadow over entire eyelid more quickly.

Fine Point Eyeliner: Use to create ultra thin or thick lines. Cat eye anyone?

Angle Liner: Also great for lining eyes. Excellent tool for brows too.

Oval Camouflage: Use this brush to apply your concealer. 

Small or Flat-edge Camouflage (optional): Helps place the concealer in smaller areas.

Lip Brush (optional): Use when applying lipstick and lip glosses. Also helps to soften lip liner reducing the look of a hard line. The lip brush listed as optional because quite a number of people either use the applicator that comes with their lip gloss or use the lipstick directly.

Below are examples of the brushes mentioned above. These brushes are from the well-respected  Crown Brush Company.   Although I've given you a basic list of brushes and their intended use, please know that nothing is set in stone!  If you want to use an oval shadow brush to contour or a crease brush to blend out lip liner, then by all means do it and.... 

                                 Have Fun!




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