Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Haul

I did a bit of shopping this weekend. My first stop was the East Village Thrift Shop (186 2nd Avenue, NY NY 10003). I purchased two lovely vintage inspired necklaces and a Liz Claiborne handbag. Then, I headed up toward 34th Street and went into Daffy's. Nothing really piqued my interest (which is unusual since I love shopping at Daffy's). So I left.

Once outside, I decided to head over to Sephora. I wanted to see if the full size of Urban Decay's newest member to the Primer Potion family, "Greed" had arrived. It did.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Greed

The reason I'm so excited about this particular version is its versatility. It can be used as an eyeshadow base, worn alone as a lid color (or use a bit in the corners of your eyes to make them pop) or as a brow highlight. UDPP's "Greed" is a gold metallic shimmer and its texture is quite smooth. Depending upon how much you use will determine how quickly it dries.

I look forward using UDPP's "Greed" in future projects. Something tells me it's going to become a staple in my kit. 

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Ore

Another product I picked up was Illamasqua's pure pigment entitled "Ore". It's sooo beautiful! "Ore" is from the "Art of Darkness" collection. Sort of reminds me of MAC's "Vintage Gold" (from the "Overrich" collection). While I love the design of Illamasqua's containers, I do have trouble opening them. Honestly though, that's not going to stop me from buying more. Hmmm maybe some more nail lacquer.  :)

Clinique's Perfectly Real Foundation
Being the new year and all, I was in the mood to add another foundation to my personal makeup kit. Something that I could wear everyday and look as if I wasn't wearing foundation at all. I stopped by the Clinique display to check out their "Perfectly Real" foundation.

The first thing I liked about this foundation was, not every shade for darker skin tones was red-based. I swatched a few strips across my jawline and found my color match to be Shade 46 (N). Second, it's oil-free (and fragrance free). Since I have combination skin, this is a HUGE plus. Finally, you don't a lot to apply to your  face and neck. Yes sir...this looks like a keeper!

Not all of my faves are high end. Before calling it a night, I stopped by Duane Reade and picked up two lipsticks from CoverGirl's Queen Collection in "Nude Attitude" and "Javalicious"; a lipgloss entitled "Captivating Red" by Latina and two Dream Mousse Bronzers (#10 and #20) from Maybelline.

I also picked up two nail polishes from Revlon. From their new Top Speed series, I chose the color "#430 Chili"; and from their new Scented Parfume series, I chose "#300 Cotton Candy". The Scented Parfume series is interesting. When you first open the bottle (to apply the color), it smells like regular nail polish. However once it dries, it does have a nice scent. What I'm going to do is see if the scent remains after a top coat is applied.

Beauty products from Sephora and Duane Reade

Well that's my weekend haul. I have a photo test shoot coming up soon. So in one of my upcoming blogs, I will show you how I prepare for photo shoots.

Until next time....stay beautiful!