Monday, January 6, 2014

Customer Service: Is It Important To You?

This is something I witnessed in a major department store recently.

While at the counter in the fashion jewelry section, a customer was trying to turn the display stand. To be honest, the display stand was heavy and somewhat difficult to turn (I had tried one at another counter myself). 

Now while trying to turn the display stand to get a look at items on the other side, it started tipping over causing jewelry items to spill onto the floor. As the customer was desperately trying to keep the display stand from falling to the floor, along comes a sales person who sees what's about to happen. Instead of going over to help the customer, the sales person looks at her and quipped "Seriously Miss ...Seriously"?

The customer looked at the sales person in total disbelief and said "Did you just say seriously to me"?  The sales person replied "yes...seriously?" and then instructs the customer to leave the items as she will get them. The customer looks at her and says "I don't need your help, I will pick them up myself"! And pick them up she did. 

Needless to say I was completely mortified by the response and lack of assistance by the store's employee (and I saw this unfold from beginning to end)! I can only hope that the customer reported the incident to the store's management. If it were me, I certainly would have to address this situation with them.

Why in the world is the level of customer service continuing to spiral downward? Have we stopped caring?

Let me know your thoughts on this incident. How would you manage a situation like this if it happened to you? 

Stay Beautiful!