Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Make Up For Ever Pro Social Events and Collections

Make Up For Ever (8 East 12th St., NY, NY)
I had a great time at the pro social events hosted by Make Up For Ever at their New York flagship store on August 25th and December 16th of this year. It was great reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Getting to chat with my dear sweet friend Michael DeVellis (VP of Pro Artist Relations at MUFE and founder of The Powder Group) and receiving a great big hug from James Vincent (Makeup Artist and The Powder Group's Director of Artistry). Also, it was a real treat to meet makeup artist Orlando Santiago. With my shopping list in hand, I proceeded to start swatching eyeshadows, blushes, foundations, etc... from one end of the store to the other.

The August pro social introduced the makeup artist community to MUFE's newly launched Rouge Artist Intense lipstick. Prior to its release, I'm sure you saw this ad in any one of the major beauty and fashion magazines. Also, if you live and/or work in New York City, you saw the ad on public transportation and atop the yellow taxis. I must admit this has become one of my favorite beauty ads. Congratulations to all at Make Up For Ever!

While at the pro social, I was able to check out the color selections available for Rouge Artist Intense and how it would feel once it was applied. In finishes of matte, satin and pearl, Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks are pigmented, creamy and go on with the smoothest application ever! I purchased one for myself (#41)* and two as gifts for friends at the office. They LOVED product! As one friend said "it was so smooth it felt like butter!"  She then followed with "I want more colors!"

*N.B: I chose #41 as it's one of my favorite tunes by the Dave Matthews Band.  Give #41 a listen here

December's event was to Rock For Ever. I love the packaging for this collection. They're black metal tins with raised black, silver and gold studs. You can either keep the product in it or use the tin to store something else. The model's Smoky Rock makeup and hair look fabulous! To learn how to achieve this look click here.

Below are images from the entire Rock For Ever collection.


                   Rock For Ever Star Powder and Aqua Eyes

Rock For Ever Aqua Eyes

      Rock For Ever Star and Diamond Powders

Rock For Ever Eye Shadow Palette

Rock For Ever Best of Make Up For Ever

I hope you were able to attend one or both of these events at Make Up For Ever. They're such great networking tools. Here's hoping they will continue these types of events in 2011.

Make Up For Ever has been quite busy not just developing new products, but stores too. I know in late September they opened up a really awesome boutique and studio in NYC at Sephora's store in SoHo. I  I plan on stopping by there this week. They've also opened two other boutique/studios at Sephora Venetian in Las Vegas, NV and Sephora South Coast Plaza, in Costa Mesa, CA. So I'm very excited to see what's they have in store for us next year.

Well it's time to go check the kit and do inventory. I've to make room for next year's purchases. ;-)

As I slowly raise one hand, preparing to wave goodbye to 2010, I will also prepare to raise the other and warmly greet 2011. My wish for all of you consists of four simple things:

Eat... Pray...  Love...


Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Holiday Reflections

In my 2009 Holiday Reflections post, I spoke about the unexpected snowstorm that descended upon us just before Christmas. Guess what? they're predicting anywhere from 11 - 16 inches for December 26th. Well at least this time I know it's coming.

Although I was rather late, I had fun doing last minute shopping. I was standing in line at the UGG Australia store (corner of Madison Avenue and 58th Street), waiting to get in to buy boots for my niece. It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected. The line moved rather quickly (maybe I waited 5 - 7 minutes). However once I got inside, the store was packed. Thank goodness I was able to get a sales associate very quickly (she was finishing up with another customer). I gave her the style and color of the boots I wanted and told her I would be waiting on line. That's right another line. Longer than the one outside (it circled half of the store). Thank goodness they keep the line moving. Again, I think I waited less than 10 minutes before I reached the cashier. All in all my experience at UGG Australia was quite good. Next stop...Macy's!

It took me awhile to get to Macy's (traffic and all), but it was worth it. The store was jam packed with people doing their last bit of shopping. I made my way over to the Estee Lauder counter. I'd been admiring EL's "Glamour Is Golden" collection for a couple of weeks and decided to purchase it. the "Glamour Is Golden" collection contains 18 Pure Color eyeshadows (large compact); 3 EL Signature Silky Powder Blushes and Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer (small compact); 4 Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks; 3 Artist's Eye Pencils; Pure Color Gloss (double-ended); Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (for all skin types); a makeup brush set (face powder, blush, eyeshadow and lip brushes); mirror (4x6); cosmetic case and cosmetic bag. The total value of this collection is US$340.

As it's a PWP (purchase with purchase), the price of the collection is US$55.00 with the purchase of any Estee Lauder fragrance. I hadn't quite decided which scent I would purchase. I'd narrowed it down to "Azuree" and "Aliage". The sales associate sprayed Azuree on one of my wrists and Aliage on the other. After walking around Macy's for a bit, I took a whiff of each wrist and decided on Aliage. I chose Aliage because it's lighter with just the right touch of citrus to balance it out.

Before leaving Macy's I stopped by the MAC counter. I purchased the Smolder Eye Kohl pencil (for my personal use) and the Smokey Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter Kit (again for me), which comes in a lovely tartan tin. The product's write up says "Everything you need for that dark-side finish. The Pigments: Jigs & Jive, Naked, Blue Brown and Dark Soul light up with the flash of Reflects Blackened Red Glitter. Even though the containers are smaller, they were filled to the top. These pigments will last me a long time. 

                  Happy Holidays to you and yours! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hi All:

Halloween Weekend here. People in costumes and parties everywhere. Tomorrow New York Village's 38th Annual Parade will take place from 7 - 10pm. The parade will run along 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) from Spring Street to 15th Street (new end point due to city cutbacks). What a fun way to end the weekend!

Some friends and I were doing makeup at a club last night.  It was a very nice evening. I got to try out my new Wolfe Face Art and FX Hydrocolor Makeup palette called "Essentials".  The 12 color palette comes in cake form that is easily activated with VERY LITTLE water and applied with either a brush or sponge.  The colors are vibrant. When you're ready to remove your Halloween makeup, just wash off "Essentials"  with soap and water. For more information visit

Wishing you a safe 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Get NAKED...It's Fabulous!

Hi Everyone:

I am back with another product review. Get to your nearest Sephora and check out Urban Decay's newest palette entitled "NAKED"! It's fabulous!

As a makeup artist, I'm loving this palette because:
  • The eyeshadow's pigment is excellent.
  • It's a great starter palette for for those learning to apply makeup (it's easier to conceal eye makeup mishaps with these neutral shades).
  • The 12 matte, soft shimmer and glitter (minimal) textures are great for the over 30, flirty and fabulous.
  • The shadows have pink or yellow undertones, rounded out by the near black and steel colours.
  • Numerous fabulous and seductive smokey eyes can be created.
  • For the cheeks, the matte shades Naked or Buck can be used as a contour, while Sin (one of the shimmer shades) works well as a highlighter.
  • The palette also includes their popular products:
    1.  a double-ended version of 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero and Whiskey  
    2. a travel size bottle of Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

What else can I say, except go and...


Friday, July 9, 2010

Product Review: Olay Daily Facials Express

My go to product for this summer, Olay Daily Facials Express. These lightly scented wet cleansing cloths are so refreshing. Providing a quick removal of oil, dirt and makeup (from eyes, face and neck), these alcohol-free textured cleansing cloths also remove waterproof mascara!

Here's my favorite way of using them. On a day when temperatures are 90 degrees plus (just so unbearably hot), I'll grab a plastic sandwich bag, pop in a couple of the cloths and then place it in refrigerator for 10 minutes. Ten minutes later, after wiping my face and neck with the cool cloth, I feel so energized. Because the cloths contain Olay moisture and Vitamin E, my skin is left feeling soft and smooth, with no signs of dryness. The fragrance is light, not overpowering. 

Olay Daily Facials Express is available for All Skin Types or Sensitive Skin (fragrance-free).  Each pack contains 30 alcohol free, textured cloths. 

Another reason why Olay Daily Facials Express is my go
to product, you can take them anywhere! The package fits
right into your handbag.

Olay Daily Facials Express...find them in the beauty section of 
your local drugstore, Target, Wal-Mart or KMart.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tool Essentials: Makeup Brushes Part 1


I decided to put together a series entitled "Tool Essentials". Parts one and two of this series will focus on makeup brushes. We'll discuss the parts of the brush. What are the names of some of the different brushes? Which ones are good starters? How are they used? How to clean them? What to use to clean them? How often should they be cleaned? Where do you purchase your brushes?

There are three parts to a brush: hair (natural, bristle or synthetic); ferrule (metal piece) and the handle. Sometimes a new brush will be very stiff. Manufacturers will add what's known as "sizing". This process helps the brush maintain its shape until it's used for the first time. To remove the sizing, dampen your fingertips and gently rub the substance off.

Q. Which ones are good starters?

The Basics:
Large or Medium Face Powder, Dome or Angle Blush, Fluff (Blender) Shadow, Medium Shadow, Small Shadow, Oval Shadow, Pointed or Angle Liner, Oval Camouflage, Pointed Camouflage and Lip Brush

Q. How are they used?

Face Powder Brush: Apply loose or pressed powders when setting or touching up makeup.

Dome or Angle Blush Brush: Apply and blend blush to on the cheek bones.

Foundation Brush (optional): If you prefer not to use a sponge or your fingers to apply liquid or cream foundation, this is a great alternative.

Fluff (Blender) Shadow: Blends your eyeshadows together eliminating demarcation. Used properly, you shouldn't be able to tell where one eyeshadow ends and another begins.

Small Shadow: The shorter hairs help control placement of product when an eyeshadow is too powdery.

Medium Shadow: Apply eyeshadow on lid or from lid to crease (just beneath the brow bone).

Oval Shadow: Wide and more round than the Medium Shadow brush.  Apply eyeshadow over entire eyelid more quickly.

Fine Point Eyeliner: Use to create ultra thin or thick lines. Cat eye anyone?

Angle Liner: Also great for lining eyes. Excellent tool for brows too.

Oval Camouflage: Use this brush to apply your concealer. 

Small or Flat-edge Camouflage (optional): Helps place the concealer in smaller areas.

Lip Brush (optional): Use when applying lipstick and lip glosses. Also helps to soften lip liner reducing the look of a hard line. The lip brush listed as optional because quite a number of people either use the applicator that comes with their lip gloss or use the lipstick directly.

Below are examples of the brushes mentioned above. These brushes are from the well-respected  Crown Brush Company.   Although I've given you a basic list of brushes and their intended use, please know that nothing is set in stone!  If you want to use an oval shadow brush to contour or a crease brush to blend out lip liner, then by all means do it and.... 

                                 Have Fun!




Next topic: Tool Essentials - Makeup Brushes Part Two: Caring for your brushes

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Holiday Reflections

The holidays have come and gone. We're in our sixth day of a new year and a new decade. I hope
everyone's getting back into the swing of things.

For me, holiday shopping was pretty interesting in December 2009 to say the least.  I dropped in on a few places like Sephora, K-Mart, Make Up For Ever, Aeropostale, Barnes & Nobles, Borders Bookstore, Macy's, Best Buy, JC Penney, Target, etc... Retailwise, there were some pretty sweet deals for the consumer.

For my niece Dana, I purchased the majority of her gifts from Aeropostale. Why? 50 - 70% off that's why!
The line in the store was soooo long, it was almost like a maze. No complaints from me. The money I saved was a-maze-ing! :)

I also stopped by K-Mart. Good thing I did. Not only did I picked up some cute gloves for us, but bought a pair of weather boots for myself. On the way to K-Mart, the snow had started to fall and was
accumulating rather quickly. This was a no-brainer. Time to stop shopping and head home.

While on the train, I called my car service (just in case there was a long wait). By the time the train pulled into my station, six inches of beautiful soft snow had fallen. I went into the ticket office, quickly changed from my sneakers to the weather boots I purchased from K-Mart and waited for my car.

The driver arrived, getting me home safe and sound. When I exited the car, my feet sank almost eight inches deep in snow. I grabbed my packages and went inside the house. Before closing the door, I looked outside. My neighborhood was so beautiful. It was covered in a blanket of snow. Although in the morning we would be greeted with several hours of shoveling, right outside my door was beauty...simplified.

I had an awesome 2009 holiday season.  I hope you did too!

Much love,

Upcoming topic: The Tool Essentials Series - Part 1: Makeup Brushes

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to Makeup Tips, Tricks & Tales

Happy New Year! 

YAY! The blog is up....finally. In this web log, I'm going share with you tips and tricks I've picked up along my journey as a makeup artist, but with a couple of different twists. 

The focus will be on beauty issues experienced by women over 30. Dark circles, nasolabial folds, heavy eyelids - how to minimize their appearance. If you're in a black or brown eyeliner rut, I will discuss alternative colors you can use. Foundation formulas (liquid, cream, cream to powder, powder, stick or HD (high-definition) - how to choose the best one for you. Your skin and why it's very important that you take excellent care of it. The list of topics goes on...

Regarding the title Makeup Tips, Tricks & Tales, the humorous bits happen too. I will share some funny moments that occurred while working or out shopping for products. 

If there's anything you'd like to discuss, please feel free to drop me a line at

Here's wishing you a safe, healthy and prosperous 2010.

Much love,