Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sam Fine's Latest Venture & Post Holiday Finds

Did You Hear About?: Fashion Fair Cosmetics recent launching of the "Sam Fine Supreme Color Collection". This signature cosmetic collection is the latest venture from makeup artist extraordinaire Sam Fine. Along with his book "Fine Beauty" and DVD "Fine: The Basics of Beauty", this is the Fashion Fair creative makeup director's first ever cosmetics line. It consists of two eyeshadow quads ($38 ea.), eight lipstick shades ($22 ea.) and a nude golden shimmer lipgloss ($20). The "Sam Fine Supreme Color Collection" may be purchased at Macy's, Dillards, Lord & Taylor and online at Fashion Fair Cosmetics.

Below are a few images of the "Sam Fine Supreme Color Collection".  The middle image shows the "Amalfi Coast" eyeshadow quad with the colors: Sand (shimmer), Forest Green (shimmer), Copper (shimmer) and Chocolate Brown (matte).  Also in this image is "Moroccan Spice" one of the eight lipsticks from this collection. Last (but not least), is a nude golden shimmer lipgloss in "Canary Diamond". The third image is the eyeshadow quad in "Tunisian Nights" with Ice (iridescent), Cobalt Blue  (shimmer), Violet (shimmer) and Black (matte). The eyeshadow applicators are engraved with Sam Fine on one side and Fashion Fair on the other.  The applicator in the lipgloss is a synthetic brush.

Book: FINE Beauty
DVD: FINE: The Basics of Beauty

Here are two great  additions for your makeup reference library by Sam Fine.

Monthly Favorite(s): Brrrrr.... it's been so cold! I been piling on hand lotion and facial moisturizer. For hands, my current go to product is Vaseline's Total Moisture: Clean Feeling Lotion. This is a non-greasy lotion that absorbs quickly into the skin and contains pure oat extractVaseline's Total Moisture comes in two other formulas: Aloe Fresh: Light Feeling Lotion and Cocoa Radiant: Rich Feeling Lotion. Look for Vaseline's Total Moisture products at CVS, Rite-Aid, Target and K-Mart. 

Also helping to protect my face from the cold air and biting winds is Earth Science's "Almond-Aloe Moisturizer". It's lightly scented light-weight facial moisturizer that can be used by all skin types.  Priced at $8.99, you can purchase this and other Earth Science facial products at Whole Foods. 

On The Cheap (But Oh So Chic!): I found a couple of post holiday sales in K-Mart. While there I purchased Halle Berry's "Reveal the Passion" perfume; gift sets of Faith Hill's "True" and "Soul 2 Soul".  The scent of these fragrances are quite nice (actually better than I expected). They are long lasting.  A tiny spritz on your pulse points and you're good to go I love the facet cut top of "Reveal the Passion". When light passes through, it reflects beautifully (this can be seen in the second image).

Halle Berry's "Reveal The Passion"
Halle Berry's "Reveal The Passion"


"True" Body Lotion
Faith Hill's "True" Gift Set
"True" Perfume

"Soul 2 Soul" Gift Set
"Soul 2 Soul" Perfume
"Soul 2 Soul" Body Lotion

I Nailed It!: I found three brown colored nail lacquers that I actually like. Revlon's "Hot for Chocolate #903" (a deep dark brown), Maybelline's "Downtown Brown #725" (a duo chrome that is the nail lacquer equivalent to "Club" eyeshadow by M.A.C.) and Revlon Colorstay's "French Toast #210" (a soft gold-flecked shimmer). 

In the pictures below (left and center) are Revlon's "Hot for Chocolate #903" and "French Toast #210". On the right is Maybelline's "Downtown Brown #725".

I hope you enjoyed my first posting of 2013. There's more to come. See you soon.

Stay beautiful!

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