Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lip Jao Lip Balm

Keeping lips moisturized during the summer (and winter) months can be quite challenging. What has surely become a favorite in my beauty bag this summer is Lip Jao Lip Balm!

Pleasantly scented, Lip Jao contains 34% shea butter and has a SPF of 15. It goes on smoothly and lasts considerably longer than most other lip balms I've tried. Lip Jao does contain parabens, but it's also petro-chemical free. So, if you're a bit of a lip balm junkie or just want silky smooth lips, then try Lip Jao Lip Balm.

To purchase this product, here's the link to Jao Ltd.

Stay beautiful!

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  1. As of spring 2012, LipJao was reformulated so it no longer contains parabens! Except for beeswax, it would be vegan friendly!