Sunday, June 17, 2012

A New Look

I've decided to shake things up on my blog a bit. Instead of randomly talking about a couple of beauty products, the format will look slightly different. It will now feature the sub-topics Monthly Favorite, On The Cheap (But Oh So Chic!), I Nailed It!, Monthly Treat (Because I'm Worth It!) and Did You Hear About? Not to worry, this is still a beauty blog, I'm just giving it a bit more structure.

Monthly Favorite: The talk here will be about a product I'm using or even one that I've rediscovered.

On The Cheap (But Oh So Chic!): I love finding alternatives for high end products and I'll share them here.

I Nailed It!: Lacquer, Varnish or Polish...I love it! I will share colors I'm wearing, products that I use regularly and items I've just heard and/or read about in this section.

Monthly Treat (Because I'm Worth It!): I love the romantic comedy "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" starring Kate Hudson and  Matthew McConaughey. Matthew's character Benjamin (Ben) Barry says"Frost yourselves". Now while "frost" is being used as a metaphor for diamonds, nonetheless Ben is saying treat yourself because you're worth it. And that's exactly what I will be doing and sharing each month.

Did You Hear About?: Here you will find links to interesting beauty articles, blogs and videos.

I hope you will find the new format enjoyable as well as informative. In the meantime...

Stay beautiful!

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